Featured Looks for Fall 2022

Her Happy Place has just made it easier for you to dress confidently and fun! Our new featured looks are designed to help inspire your personal look for the day. Each day doesn't have the same objectives, and neither should your outfits. Getting some variety in your daily dress will help you to get your desired attention for the day.

Military Brat
Military brat is a fresh but by no means new style. It can be best characterized by an eclectic and worldly style to be worn by a modern-day patriot. Coming off a summer where ‘Top Gun’ swept the nation, it is no surprise that the military look is pulling such a heavy influence in everyday street wear. To achieve the look, combine metallic buttons, square shoulders, heavy materials and deep colors. Try pairing a chic trouser with a matching bomber jacket for an elevated yet casual look. To modify the trend for the office, swap out your bomber jacket for a tailored blazer with bold details. Army green is often associated with the military brat look, but try expanding on the look with brown, navy, orange and black.

Night on the Town
After a few years stuck at home we are seeing a resurgence of the going out look. This look will mean something different for everyone, as expected with fashion. For some, a night on the town is a weekly ritual, while others make it a special occasion. Wherever you fall on the spectrum you deserve to dress like the main character. To build a show stopping outfit you will need juxtaposition within the materials you wear. Try pairing a satin blouse with leather trousers, or a sheer blouse with your favorite denim. Round out your look with rhinestone jewelry to sparkle with the night sky.

Some dress codes have to be written for yourself. Weather you work from home or have a laid-back work environment, there is still value in dressing to feel your best. Workwear combines fashion with functionality and will look different for everyone. Consider the elements of style that will play an essential role in your ability to work effectively and where you have room to play. This may mean pairing a romantic and comfortable dress with a pair of sneakers, combining your favorite blazer with denim, or wearing trousers with a simple t-shirt and dressing it up with accessories.

Color Wash
Bold colors are taking center stage in fashion. Color Wash is the idea of a monochrome look being the statement itself. Trousers are becoming readily available in bold colors, colored jeans are back in style, and of course dresses and skirts are here to stay. Build you outfit around pieces you love and will want to style several ways. Try mixing trousers in your favorite color to your workwear lineup, and pair with a matching or similar blouse and blazer. If trousers aren’t for you, style your denim with a blue satin blouse and navy cardigan to create layers in an elongating monochrome style.

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